Examples of Courage and Heroism of Desire' Dubounet Part 1




Desire’ Dubounet the hero part1


Desire’ Dubounet the hero part 2


Intellect is the final frontier, Story of Desi’s youth



Acupuncture Needles Become Medical Eqipment because of Desiré


Big Tobacco the Evil that does not die


Bush sells America to the Drug Companies


Cancer course


Charging the Body Electric Battery - VARHOPE by Brad Vee Jounson


Definition of Natural vs Synthetic, I mean SINthetic


Desire' and Myth Busters Prove man walked on the moon


Desire' Author Editor of Vast Natural Medicine Library with non-drug treatments for most all diseases


Desire Dubounet finds that Bigotry can be weakened by Equal Economic Education


Desire' Dubounet has a Sugar Coated Message for the World


Desire' Dubounet, the famous TV and Movie Star of Hungary


Desire' Dubounet's Biography


Desire' helps to design WHPRS the first independent consumer advice agency for Alternative Medical Devices


Desire' looks at the worst health problems


Desire’ Dubounet Saves Natural+ Energetic Medicine with Research+Evidence-Based Validation


Desiré's Courage to Think with the Big Head Not the Little (Dick) Head


EVIL BIG OIL--Why should we dig for oil when we can grow it


Excess Homophobia is caused by latent secret homosexuality


Foods That Kill - should be banned and must be avoided


Forget the tech bubble. Its the biotech bubble you should worry about


Freedom of Choice in Medicine


Here are the base medical claims registered and validated by the regulators in our clinical evaluation


Hungary Gets Homeopathy because of Professor Desire


If we want to look at the worst health problems


Making Music into Every Cell of the Body


Medication Testing, Fraud vs Success of Electroceuticals by Brad Vee Johnson


Prof Desiré Dubounet and the Karma Pay Plan to Revolutionize the World


Prof of Medicine Desire' Dubounet the most Published Naturopath in History


Professor of Medicine Desire' Dubounet helps to make IMUNE in 1996


Proof the media lies to you


Richest 1% to own more than half world's wealth


The 30 year Development of Electroceuticals by Desire'


The Blood Fever Virus and the story of Dracula and Vampires


The Greatest Sin and the movies about the Ultra-Rich Pedophile gang and Marc Dutroux


The Humor Doctor - Professor Desiré Dubounet


The Real War Crimes Trial of Harry Truman-if your children want to know more about Hiroshima and Nagasaki read this


The Story of the word F.U.C.K.


There used to be Protest Songs and Protest Movies, Desi still makes them to help the world


Time to Save the World


TO Stab or NOT to Stab -- IMUNE on the Vaccination question - statistics reviewed


True Democracy a Computer Party.pdf


United States Violates Human Rights of Transgender Scientist


Why Not Grow Our Oil.pdf


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